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Paper, Print

Precious fine art paper from Hahnemühle with premium print in museum quality.

The combination of paper and ink gives the pictures a life expectancy of up to 200 years.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryt FB 350 g/m², 100% α-cellulose, bright white, high gloss, non reflective

Acid free wihtout any optical brigthener thus age-resistant.

Hahnemühle FineArt stand for authenticity and tradition. It has an excellent reputation among photographers.

The high ink absorbation capacity of the natural paper provides a satiny impression. The ink jet print promises rich colors, high contrasts and an exceptional effect of depth.

Up to 200 years of color stability (with 450 Lux, 12h / day)


LUCIA EX 12-color-ink-system

The premium print procedure with twelve ink cartdriges gurantees finest contrasts, intesive and enourmous and punchy colors

Because of the innovative mix from RGB- and CMY-inks details in the highlights and blacks are much more pronounced than through regular printing.

A special combination from black, matt black, grey and photo gray provides unbelievably soft, progressive flow.

33,0 x 48,3 cm with 3cm white border.

The white border optically enhances the picture and gives it an additional premium appearance.

Furthermore the border has a practical benefit for making a future mat framing easier.

Switzerland. Bern. Bundesplatz.

In the center of the capital city, in front of the parliament house lies the square with 26 fountains, which each represent one of each counties of Switzerland.